Your Supervision

The first session is free so that we can get to know each other and see how we can work together. 


I believe counselling is for everyone in need. 


My feedback has shown that whilst having sessions with a counsellor, not only does the person in the room feel more positive, but their family and friends feel they are in a better place also, we are not helping just one person, but communities. This is what I want to bring to Supervision, personal, family and Community Health

let's see how we can work together to make your role as a counsellor develop and grow, to make your practice more productive whilst helping with your future development so that you can help your clients reach their 'better place' and their full potential. 

I created 'Darren Hopgood, Counsellor (UK)' so that I could offer low-cost counselling for those that are struggling with making ends meet. I want a world that is happier, healthier and where people thrive. As a counsellor, I do my best for my clients as I know you all do, I want to help you to develop and improve as peers and professionals that want to do the best for all your clients. 

Let's talk. 

Continual Professional Development 

CPD in 2022


Since January 2022, my CPD has been around single relationship counselling, relational counselling for social anxiety, Sex and sexuality Also LGBTQ+ Issues. 

Also, CPD to enhance my speciality knowledge of working with grief, Lose and relational work for those moving forward. 


How Much Is Supervision?

Because of the economic claimant we are living in I have reduced the cost for new supervision clients

1 Hour            £50
1.5 Hours       £60