I dedicated this page to pluralistic counselling, but hey, I am a pluralistic counsellor. Of course, I did. 


Firstly I want to share this link to the 'Pluralistic Practice' website.

The site is dedicated too pluralism in counselling and supported by Prof. Mick Cooper and Prof. John McLeod, the founders of Pluralistic Psychotherapy.

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This book was inspirational. It informed my practice so much that I have moved from a humanistic counsellor to a pluralistic therapist. 

It is a straightforward guide to pluralism, easy to read and is not just a textbook. It is a book that you can read from cover to cover. Well, I could. It was just so inspirational that I could not put it down.

I came from a university course that looked at many different practices and theories, making the text clear. I have not trained as a pure person-centred counsellor, though about 75% of my training was very much PC.

Anyhow, if you're looking to add something more to your practice, maybe this is the book for you. 


The Pluralistic Therapy Primer: A concise introduction (Primers in Counselling) Paperback –

8 July 2021


by Kate Smith (Author), Ani de la Prida (Author)

Just got this and i can not put it down


Smith A. De La Prida. A (2021) The Pluralistic Therapy Primer: A concise introduction (Primers in Counselling),  Monmouth : PCCS Books.


I managed to get this book on the day of realise. I decided just to skim read it, and I ended up reading it through. 

It is clear and (as the name suggests) concise. It looks at both the great strengths of Pluralism and explores some limitations to bring balance to Pluralistic practice.

I have been to many of Ani De La Pridas' CPD courses in creativity in counselling, and she is very active in the 'Pluralistic Practice' web resource