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Finding a Voice: Speech therapy in pluralistic Practice

In my Pluralistic Practice, I want to stretch what is considered counselling practice. This is why I have started to study speech therapy and why I offer counselling for those that stutter, which affects their lives. 


Finding my focus in counselling
As a pluralistic counsellor, I can bring many things into the room to help us get you to the place you want to be. Though learning about many different techniques and theories, I can somehow get a little lost. This discusses bringing more focus into my Practice.

Heal thy self: Goal setting for self
I practice what I preach pretty often. We will be working with goal setting in our sessions. This discusses how I have used goal setting to help me focus and to add a little structure when I have lost that focus. For me, I needed help getting myself and my dissertation ready for the challenge of ending my formal training.

from ticking boxes to meeting people
Counsellors don't come ready-made, they grow, and they develop into that role. Here I discuss my very early days of being a counsellor and how I evolved from ticking off learned criteria to being a natural listener and helper.