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Because life is better with friends


Laura Grimshaw


My name is Laura and I qualified as a counsellor in 2018 and since then I have worked with adults and teenagers (16+) with various mental health issues. When I completed my bachelor’s degree, my focus was on counselling clients with autism spectrum conditions.
I consider myself an integrative therapist. This means I use various therapeutic methods when working with clients depending on their needs. These may include:
cognitive behavioural techniques, creative work, and neuro-linguistic programming techniques. I have also completed several continued professional development courses including: Foundation Diploma in Neuro-linguistic programming, ASIST suicide prevention and Understanding Autism, Asperger’s and ADHD.
I am based in Sunderland and I can offer a free 20-minute telephone consultation so you can get to know me a little before committing to counselling. I currently offer online sessions via Zoom. Face to face sessions will be available in the near future. Visit my website for more information. 

Callum Armstrong


Hi, I'm Callum.

          "Like you, I am a real person with real experiences some of them painful, all of them useful. I trained to become a counsellor following a beneficial experience as a client. I know what it is like to sit in that chair for the first time, and I still do it often. I find counselling to be helpful when things begin to mount up, for support during big life events, or even just to check in with myself."


I have know Peter since the very beginning of counselling training, he has always been supportive and inspirational... I know he is a consciences person, both personally and professionally

Personally i would love to have him as a counsellor..."

Darren Hopgood


So, why do I include a friends Page? 

So i can prove I have friends?


I would love to be a good fit for everyone. I want to offer outstanding services that would span all the theories in the world. But I can't. I know my strengths and my limitations. 

I give my friends a section on my page with who have very different skills and theoretical disciplines  so we can showcase many comprehensive services as possible. We also complement each others practice. 

Laura has a focus that may be better suited to your needs, and we believe that what is best for you is more important than our desire to be the one that helps.