Loss and Bereavement

Loss, bereavement and fear of the future



When Loss is affecting you, Darren Hopgood Counselling is here for you. Let's talk.


  • For when time is not the healer of wounds
  • And for those times then emotions seem like a distant memory 



For Carers in Home or in Work

Supporting People who Support People



 Darren Hopgood, Counselling is here for you if you are: 

  • Caring for family at home
  • Caring for people in care homes
  • Supporting others in any kind of caring role
  • Doctors
  • Nurses
  • vets
  • Veterinary nurses
  • Shelter staff


If you care I care and i want to support you when you support others. 

Remember, you vets, vet nurses and shelter staff... i know you are carers too... this is you Space. 


Clinical Supervision


  • Pluralistic and integrative  Supervision
  • For both student counsellors and Qualified
  • 7 Eyed Supervision model

As a Pluralistic counsellor, I offer pluralistic supervision as well as integrative supervision.   
I am an experienced counsellor working with those that support others

I have worked as a school counsellor for three years
built a private practice
and work with Loss and grief, Trauma and PTSD 

So Darren... How Much? 

Low Cost counselling and
Donations gratefully accepted


Counselling      £35 Per 1 hour (60 Minutes)
Supervision      £45 per 1 hours (60 Minutes)
                            £65 per 1.5 hours (90 Minutes) 


I want to make Counselling accessible to everyone, so I offer a low-cost service or concessions for those on low income.
I want to make Supervision painless so I offer a low-cost service and concessions for those on low income. 



For those on benefits Counselling/Supervision is at a discount cost, depending on circumstances. Please note that proof of benefits is needed to be shown to benefit from the concession rate. 

Let's discuss what we can do. 

For Booking a Counselling Service

Looking forward to hearing from you

Please remember that this counselling service is not a blue light emergency service. In an emergencies please call 111 in the UK 
Also note that Emails are checked and answered as soon as possible between 9 to 5 weekdays.