Loss and Bereavement

Loss, bereavement and fear of the future



When Loss is affecting you, Found Space Counselling UK is here for you. Let's talk.


  • For when time is not the healer of wounds
  • When loss turns to emotions that are affecting others
  • And for those times then emotions seem like a distant memory 



For Carers in Home or in Work

Supporting People who Support People



 Found Space Counselling UK is here for you if you are: 

  • Caring for family at home
  • Caring for people in care homes
  • Supporting others in any kind of caring role
  • Doctors
  • Nurses
  • vets
  • Veterinary nurses
  • Shelter staff


If you care I care and i want to support you when you support others. 

Remember, you vets, vet nurses and shelter staff... i know you are carers too... this is you Space. 


Clinical Supervision


  • Pluralistic and integrative  Supervision
  • For both student counsellors and Qualified
  • 7 Eyed Supervision model

As a Pluralistic counsellor, I offer pluralistic supervision as well as integrative supervision.   
I am an experienced counsellor working with those that support others

I have worked as a school counsellor for three years
built a private practice
and work with Trauma and PTSD 
Loss and Grief

so Darren... How Much? 

Low Cost counselling and
Donations gratefully accepted


Please note that all prices are due to change and that because of funding changes, the way free and donation-based counselling and supervision is being restructured... 

For all those receiving free and donation-based services, or are already paying the current amount, nothing will change without due warning.


I want to make Counselling accessible to everyone, so I offer a low-cost service or a donation-based concessions for those on low income.
I want to make Supervision painless so I offer a low-cost service and concessions for those on low income. 



For those on benefits Counselling/Supervision is at a discount cost, or can be donations based depending on circumstances. Please note that proof of benefits is needed to be shown to benefit from the concession rate. 

Let's discuss what we can do. 

Non-Concession services
Counselling £35 Per 1 hour (60 Minutes)
Supervision  £45 per 1.5 hours (90 Minutes) 


For Booking a Counselling Service

Looking forward to hearing from you

Please remember that this counselling service is not a blue light emergency service. In an emergencies please call 111 in the UK 
Also note that Emails are checked and answered as soon as possible between 9 to 5 weekdays.